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Praesidio Group supplies business, organisations and governments with effective, reliable, and cost efficient information and cyber security solutions to protect critical IT assets, sensitive data and staff.

We assist small and medium-sized businesses by helping them understand and manage risks by providing threat-integrated and risk-mitigating cyber and information security solutions.


  • Recommendations and the implementation of optimal strategies and technical measures to mitigate cyber threats.
  • Threat-integrated assessments, recommendations and strategies to ensure the mitigate network and data risks.
  • Intelligence relating to current and emerging attack methodologies used by hostile cyber agents and in order to reduce system risk exposure.
  • Digital forensics that is fully compliant with the standards and regulations defined by the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers.

To help you identify areas where your information technology systems, staff, and clients are at risk from cyber threats, we have devised a self health-check. This questionnaire will be treated with confidence and will allow our consultants to formulate a plan of action to help protect your systems, reputation and financial data.


Cyber-attacks are increasingly hostile and frequent, and countless organisations are falling prey to cyber criminals each day. Such attacks can cost organisations vast sums of money and recent estimates indicate that a future global cyber attack may result in the loss of billions of lost revenue, valuable data; and in extreme cases, cause terminal damage.

To meet the increasing and damaging cyber threat, we provide a broad range of cyber security services: Advanced vulnerability testing services, assessments, audits and digital forensics. Each of our services ensure businesses and organisations are afforded the utmost confidence and assurance.

DKK (Billion) in lost revenue world-wide
DKK (Million) in lost revenue for Danish businesses recorded in 2016
Percentage of small to medium-sized businesses subjected to a cyber attack. Although this figure only takes into account those who reported such crimes to the Police.



The risk of hacking, exploitation, sabotage and reputational damage remain an ever-increasing occurrence. Consequently, we provide unbiased security consulting that is based on both the current and ever-changing business requirements and security challenges. We ensure that business and organisations are equipped and prepared to protect, identify, contain and mitigate threats to cyber infrastructure.

Praesidio Group has pioneered new ways of collecting privileged information to enable the delivery of cyber threat intelligence, cyber-investigations and horizon scanning. Additionally, our consultants deliver cyber security by identifying the most critical threats to your business, data and IT infrastructure. Then, controlled tests are conducted to analyse potential system vulnerabilities and the means in which they can be hacked.

Praesidio Cybercheck brings together the knowledge, skills and experience of intelligence, physical security and cyber security experts who are selected from the corporate security, law enforcement and military intelligence community.